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Is my pet cremated with any other pets?

No. Your pet is cremated 100% alone, privately. Only their body in the crematory from start to finish. Regardless of the size of your pet, only one pet is cremated at a time.

How much ashes are returned after cremation?

Ashes/ Cremated Remains are tiny cremated bone fragments. The amount that is returned varies on the bone density and strength of your pet.  For a cat, you would typically get a volume of a couple cups of ashes back, for a large dog, possibly the size of a rectangular Kleenex box.

How can I be assured my pet is cremated alone?

We allow pet owners to stand from a safe distance inside the room that performs cremations.  From there, you can watch your pet go into the crematory, fully alone.

Does an urn come with?

Yes, a very nice dark wood urn is complimentary.  We also have dozens of other urn options in all sorts of materials, some with the ability to insert your favorite photo of your pet.  Take a look at our products page to see our current inventory.

Our vet said that they offer “Separate” or “Individual” cremation, what is the difference with your service?

Most vets use wording like Separate or Individual cremation, and it can be incredibly misleading.  You should ask your vet who performs their cremations?  If they say VHA (Veterinary Hospital Association), then its not a private cremation, and they are simply using that wording to hide that they are actually still placing multiple animals into the same crematory.  It says so right on their website here, 

Here is a screen shot of the options they provide nearly all veterinarians.  Its our belief that calling a cremation “separate” and then saying that animals are separated by 2-3 feet, is not what “separate” means to most people.  However almost all pets that pass away at clinics are told they are cremated separately.  Ask your vet if they use VHA to cremate, and if its yes, you know its not private.

Almost every vet uses the VHA for their customers cremation for monetary and other reasons, cremating pets like this makes veterinary clinics a lot of money, including MN Pets, see on their site how they also try to make it appear they offer a private cremation, but they also use misleading wording, but we have found most customers end up being confused with the wording and think they are getting a private cremation when the VHA does not provide, they say directly that animals are separated by 2-3 feet inside the crematory.  The cremation process blows air and flame around for an hour or more and ashes do spread out, we don’t see how anyone would get only their pets ashes back by such a process and we agree that using that wording is wrong.  Most vets will not tell you that if you leave your pet there at the clinic, they’ll be placed in a bag, and then a freezer in back for up to a week before being picked up, and then brought to VHA crematory in South Saint Paul and cremated with other pets and in some circumstances the turn around time is up to 2 weeks.

See the response from the MN Attorney General’s Office regarding misleading cremation practices:




Do any emergency clinics use your services?

We have a wonderful relationship with Mission Animal Hospital in Eden Prairie, and can’t say enough good things about their doctors and staff – They offer affordable services to low income households and take walk in appointments.  They have late hours every day of the week.

What if its after regular hours and I can’t reach anyone and my pet has died?  

Many deaths occur in the middle of the night or evening after our office has closed.  Call us right away.  Please leave us a message and we’ll call back as soon as possible if we can’t get to the phone.  Your pet will be just fine and safe staying in the home overnight until we open back up again.  We recommend placing them on a towel or blanket or their bed to minimize any bladder movement.  Keeping them in a cooler area is best.  Their body will not change overnight and its our opinion that your pet is best kept safe with you.  Don’t rush to bring them to an emergency clinic.  If you do that, they will only be bagged and put in a freezer and kept sometimes up to a week until they are finally picked up.

What is the difference in your services and those offered by MN Pets?

MN Pets also provides a wonderful service for a pets end of life, by having a vet come to the home and euthanize just like we offer.  Where we feel we are much better, is in our cremation.  Our cremation takes place immediately, 100% privately and the ashes can be picked up the same day as the pet is brought in.  MN Pets uses the VHA system mentioned above, where pets are not cremated alone, they are  cremated with other pets just separated by a couple feet and ashes take several days if not a week or longer to get back, where is the pet during that time?  We have had disagreements directly with MN Pets on the wording they use and how we feel its extremely misleading, here on their site they use the wording “separate” to describe their cremation, they fail to disclose that other animals are in the same crematory only separated by a couple feet.

We help families from all over the metro and well beyond, many use their vets to do the euthanasia, many families use MN Pets as well, and then because our cremation is so much different, families use us for the cremation part.  What you do with your pets body is up to you, we treat them like a person.


Can I leave my pet with my veterinarian for your staff to transport after euthanasia?

Yes. But, call us immediately if not before the euthanasia takes place so that transportation can take place or be arranged,. You must specify that you wish to use Pet Cremation Services of MN, and make these arrangements 952-925-1234.


What types of memorialization are available?

Many people keep their favorite pets remains in urns that can be engraved and displayed prominently in their home, yard, garden or other special place. Many people who choose to scatter their pets remains choose to purchase a necklace pendant that a small amount of ashes can be placed inside. Cremated remains can actually be turned into a diamond – lasting forever. Our pets are our best friends and when they pass away the loss is something that is shared by our human and other pet friends, more and more frequently people are having celebration of life events in honor of their pets. Much like a modern day memorial service, with flowers surrounding then urn, a photo slide show, music tribute and eulogy for their pets are becoming quite common.

Can you deliver my pets cremated remains after the cremation?

Yes. Remains can be delivered to you for an extra $35.00.  They will be delivered by USPS.

Can you scatter my pets cremated remains?

Yes. When filling out the authorization for cremation, check the option for us to scatter your pets remains. Our staff will scatter in various legal and peaceful areas over land and water for you if you don’t wish to have your pets ashes returned.

What to do if my pet dies unexpectedly?

If your pet dies unexpectedly at home you are in a hard sad spot and our condolences are with you. We believe your best and most affordable option is to call us and arrange for you to transport your pet to our office/crematory in Edina, where we can hold and prepare your pet for cremation. In the time being, we suggest you place under your pet a sheet or blanket with absorbing cloth. Much like with humans, within hours after their death occurs their muscles will slowly tighten and then slowly release. This will cause them to stiffen slightly. We have regular office hours where we can take your pet into our care and schedule drop off appointments outside of those hours. We can also arrange for us to come to your location and transport your pet back to our facility for an extra charge.

Unfortunately, the sudden and unexpected loss of a pet is a situation that is impossible to prepare for. We encourage you to look at all your options and how you want your beloved pet to be handled after their death and throughout the cremation process.

What to do if my pet dies after hours or on a holiday?

Call or Email us asap, we’ll get back to you on our availability. There are only a few days our staff is not available to assist in this case. Your pet can remain at your location over a day in the event of a federal holiday and we can’t assist until the next day. In most of our months, which are cooler, its very common for a pet to be placed covered and protected in a garage while the pet owner considers all their options and makes arrangements. Our staff is on call most days and frequently can be at any location in our map area within a couple hours.

How to arrange for Pet Cremation Services to be responsible for my pets cremation?

It is very important and critical to call and schedule our services prior to euthanizing your pet. Our staff will make sure your pet is transferred with dignity and respect, we’ll be there shortly after your appointment has been finalized and you have had time to say goodbye to your friend and have left. We never want to rush you through saying your own goodbye. Billing is done directly between us and you. When we are notified of a pending pet death we will mail each pet owner a package for them to help prepare for the death and cremation.

When is payment required?

Payment is required in full before we can proceed with your pets cremation. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, cash and checks.

Does my Veterinarian offer cremation performed by Pet Cremation Services of Minnesota?

Only a small handful of veterinarians offer their clients information about our cremation services.  Most vets use crematories owned by an association that performs group cremation called Separate,, which is also a group cremation  –   VHA. – if your vet uses VHA, there is reason to be skeptical because as shown on their web site, they only offer grouped cremation.  They use the word “separate” to imply a private cremation, but read their own description of their process, pets are only separate by a couple feet, still cremated together.

I am a veterinarian and would like to offer our clients both your services and our association’s cremation options, how do we get started?  

Simply let pet owners know about our same day private option, show them our brochure, and ask them to contact us with their information or contact us on their behalf.  We will take it from there for all billing.  We have one single cremation cost, $195, regardless of the size of the pet.  If you are a vet, we would love to talk to you, please shoot us an email at or call us at 952-925-1234.

Have a question you don’t see, let us know with an email or call,


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