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Welcome to Pet Cremation

Pet Cremation Services of Minnesota offers 3 cremation options for family pets. From totally and completely 100% private same day cremation, to a semi-private shared cremation, and lastly a simple cremation where our staff will scatter the ashes at a later date. We have been in business since 2004 and have a background in human funeral service. We apply the same ethics and dignity to your pet at their time of death. We are located in Edina, about a mile to the west of highway 100. We have daily hours – including weekends to assist you and your pet. Through licensed veterinarians, we are also able to help arrange for your pet to be euthanized either at your home, or in our Family Room at our facility. We also have the equipment and vehicles to offer transportation from your home or clinic for your pet.

How your pet will be handled, who will handle them and who will cremate them makes a big difference. Our company was formed originally when our own dog died and we realized what her fate would be had we chosen to leave her at the clinic. For us, she was a family member and we didn’t want her bagged up and put in a freezer with so many other animals.

For more information on our services and detailed explanation of them, visit our Services page.

Private Same Day Cremation
$275 regardless of size

Your pet is cremated 100% privately, all alone in their own crematory. The cremation is started the same day they are brought in, and the ashes can be picked up that same day (if started early...

Semi Private Cremation
$165 pets under 40 lbs, $195 for pets over 40 lbs

Your pet is cremated inside a shared crematory with a maximum of 3 total pets. They are spaced out by several feet and have a physical concrete barrier...

Simple Cremation
$85 pets under 40 lbs, $105 for pets over 40 lbs

Your pet is cremated in a shared crematory with other pets without the use of dividers. There is no way for us to keep the cremated remains separate, so they are collected together, and...

XXL Pets Over est.
100 lbs + - $275

Your pet is cremated Privately, as soon as possible. Large pets over approximately 100 lbs are a challenge and cannot be kept the same ways as other smaller pets can be, because of this challenge we perform the cremation right away...

$100 anywhere within 30 miles

Your pet will be picked up from your home or vet and brought back to our office for cremation by one of our staff members. We have different sized pet stretchers and equipment to help with large pets...

Euthanasia at Home or in our office
From $320

A licensed veterinarian can come to your home to euthanize your pet, or a veterinarian can perform the euthanasia in our family room at our office. Typically the vets schedule...

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Pet Cremation Services of Minnesota is not a veterinary clinic or pet hospital.

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