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Ethical Same Day Private Pet Cremation & Home Euthanasia 

$195.00 per pet & includes your choice size of a maple urn.  

Bring your pet directly to our facility when they have passed away.  Their cremation will begin as soon as possible, and in most cases you’ll be able to come back 2-3 hours later to pick the ashes up.  We believe we have are the best pet crematory in the country.  Its what you would want for yourself.  Pets are treated like family and deserve an ethical cremation and ethical treatment along the way.

Some vets actually trick their clients into thinking they are getting private cremation, by calling their option “Individual”.  This absurdity, misleads most people and if pressed, they will tell you that pets are individually or “separately” placed in the crematory, but what they wont tell you most of the time, is that the animals are only separated by a couple feet.  

Here is the link to the company who provides nearly all veterinary clinic’s cremations.  While they call it Separate, they then make their own definition of separate, meaning animals are spaced 2-3 feet from each other.  Check any dictionary and the definition of the word separate means alone, not together.  See for yourself here: – We think pet owners deserve the truth about pet cremation, rather than be mislead into thinking that they are getting individual cremation…  Don’t believe us, then call and ask your vet the truth about their cremations.  You may be shocked.

Here is another frightening example, read this review of a woman who’s dog was put to sleep at Lyndale Animal Hospital, in Uptown.  The VHA actually lost her dog alltogether –,1,,,




At Home Euthanasia – $295.00

We will arrange a veterinarian to come to your home and your pet will be peacefully put to rest.


We do work directly with some great vets out there who don’t use these tactics and would be happy to share with you their information.  

Don’t leave your pet at the clinic, where they’ll most likely be placed in a bag, frozen, and cremated with several other animals where it may be around two weeks turn around.  We work directly with pet owners and believe in a human-like cremation for our family pets.  Bring them directly to us when they have died and they will be 100% cremated alone, immediately, the ashes ready as early as a couple hours.  

Ask your vet about ALL your cremation options


5249 W 73rd St., Suite F
Edina, MN 55439


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Transportation Available


One price regardless of the size of your pet

Monday – Friday 9 – 4:30 PM

Saturday & Sunday 10 AM – 2 PM

Scheduled Euthanasia either at our facility or your home $320.00

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